SDF prepares for Hajin operation

After the Cizire area from Heseke to Deir ez-Zor was liberated by SDF forces, it is a matter of time before the announcement that ISIS gangs have completely been eradicated from the region. The SDF is preparing for new strategic operations.

The Operation Cizire Storm relaunched by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in June by the south of Heseke aimed to liberate the area up to Dashisha including the Iraqi border completely from ISIS gangs with operations in coordination with the Iraqi army and support from the International Coalition Against ISIS.

The SDF achieved great success along the Iraqi border and the rural areas in the region with effective operations. With intense clashes, the strategically important Dashisha town was liberated from ISIS gangs in a two-week operation.

Operation Cizire Storm Action Room Spokesperson Lilwa Abdullah spoke to ANHA during the operation and stated that the Dashisha town, liberated in a coordinated operation with the Iraqi army and the International Coalition,  was the most strategic spot in the region. SDF also opened a humanitarian corridor for civilians living under ISIS occupation.

The operations SDF carried out in coordination with regional and international forces had global implications. The SDF came together with the Iraqi army on important points especially after the Joint Operation Room was formed. SDF also set up joint observation points along the Iraqi border with the International Coalition and monitored ISIS activity.

SDF Commander Şêrko Hesekê spoke about the security operation in the liberated areas and stated that many ISIS sleeper cells were captured and neutralized in the operations. Şêrko Hesekê added that the special forces continue their minesweeping efforts so the locals can return home.


After the Cizire region’s deserts were completely liberated, eyes now turn to the Hajin town, the last strategic point held by ISIS gangs to the east of the Euphrates River. The Hajin town is surrounded by the Euphrates on three sides, and allows for ISIS gangs to move about with ease and set up new points due to the forest area.

SDF commanders on duty in the Hajin town front estimate there will be 4 to 7 thousand ISIS members. Commanders say the gang members in the town are all foreign-born and amirs, and that the town is used as a base. ISIS gangs in the east of the Euphrates had fled to the Al-Sahfa and Al-Sus towns in Buqamal as well as the Hajin town when they failed to stand against the Operation Cizire Storm.

The SDF continues its operations in the region and places of high importance on rescuing civilians in the region. ISIS gangs on the other hand try to use the people as human shields.

In the second phase of the Operation Cizire Storm, International Coalition forces airdropped flyers twice for civilians to move to safe areas.

The SDF opened a humanitarian corridor in the region and it has helped rescue hundreds of civilians to date. The SDF and the International Coalition continue their operations with resolve to completely end ISIS gangs in the region, while the Turkish state launches attempts to stop the Operation Cizire Storm. The Turkish state is making the gangs allied to them attack areas previously liberated by SDF in order to rescue the gangs in the region.

The locals are now waiting for the news that their lands have completely been liberated.