SDF: 308 Turkish soldiers and gangs were killed in seven days

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said 308 Turkish soldiers and gang members were killed in the last seven days, since the start of the Turkish attack on Afrin.

SDF Central Command released a statement about ongoing clashes with Turkish army and said that 308 Turkish soldiers and gang members, including four officers and one gang leader, were killed in the last seven days.

59 civilians were killed and 134 were wounded by the Turkish army and 43 SDF fighters lost their lives during the clashes.

“Our forces heroically fulfil their duties against the brutal attacks of the Turkish state and defend the people of Afrin against Turkish invasion and Al-Nusra attacks” SDF statement read.

SDF said that despite having technological advantages, NATO weapons and German tanks, Turkish army couldn’t make any advances against SDF fighters and suffered heavy losses.

The balance sheet of the Turkish attack against Afrin, Manbij, and Kobane as released by SDF is as follows:


1. 699 artillery and mortar attacks

2. 191 airstrikes

3. One helicopter attack

4. Continuous reconnaissance planes’ activities

5. 136 clashes with Turkish army and gangs

6. 308 attackers (Turkish soldiers and gangs) were killed and two were wounded. These numbers include four Turkish officers and leader of Liwa Al Semarqen Ehmet Fayiz. SDF took possession of bodies of four Turkish soldiers.

7. Our forces confiscated several military equipment and documents of the Turkish army.

8. Four “Akrep” type armored vehicles, 4 armored military vehicles, one truck with a heavy machine gun, two tanks, one bulldozer and an automobile were hit by SDF

9. The results of seven clashes with Turkish army couldn’t be clarified

10. 43 SDF fighters were martyred. This includes three YPJ fighters.

11. 53 civilians were killed and 134 civilians were wounded as a result of Turkish army’s attack.


Turkish supported gangs spontaneously attacked SDF military positions with heavy machine guns.


Turkish army attacked Zormixar village with heavy weapons three times.


Three civilians were killed as a result of Turkish army’s artillery and mortar attacks.