Sarıyıldız: AKP tries to change the constitution to avoid standing trial

Speaking at the Kurdish Week Activities in Toulouse, France, HDP’s Faysal Sarıyıldız said: “AKP is trying to change the constitution and save themselves from standing trial.”

The Kurdish Week Activities held in Toulouse in the South of France by the Collective for Solidarity with the Kurdish People that includes the Toulouse Democratic Kurdish Society Center and French unions, political parties and associations ended with a rally. The rally was held in the Forum de la Renaissance in Basso Cambo where HDP Şırnak MP Faysal Sarıyıldız and L’Humanité columnist Pierre Barbancey spoke.


Sarıyıldız pointed out that the AKP wanted to create a dictatorial regime by changing the constitution and said arrested HDP’s co-chairs and MPs who could have opposed this. Sarıyıldız said: “Erdoğan is producing monist and nationalist policies, like Hitler and Mussolini, and trying to change the constitution with MHP by their side, and therefore to save themselves from standing trial.”


Speaking after, Pierre Barbancey mentioned the Astana meetings and stated that these, like the Geneva meetings, will fail to produce a solution. Barbancey said that in Syria, the Kurds advanced in the third path based on human rights whereas Turkey, Iran and Syria want to maintain the status quo and prevent Kurds from achieving a status with the Astana talks.