Salih Muslim: ISIS is not acting alone, Turkey is behind it

PYD co-presidency council member, Salih Muslim, said that ISIS attack in Hesekê was financed by the Turkish state and added that "the green light was given in Astana."

PYD co-presidency council member, Salih Muslim, said that the attacks from Shehba to Zirgan, the siege of the region, the closing of the border gates by the South Kurdistan and Syrian regimes, the arming of ISIS members in the camps and prisons in the region are all within the same concept, and added that the latest attack in Hesekê is also part of this. Muslim underlined that ISIS is not alone.

Muslim answered ANF's questions about the behind-the-scenes attacks on Sina prison, in Hesekê, last Friday.

There was a new ISIS attack on Sina prison. Is ISIS the only responsible of the attack?

The length of the clashes shows the scale of the attack plan. The attacks were arranged from the outside. It is important to underline that a previously captured mercenary leader spoke about a possible attack. The secret cells and all the ammunition and logistics in the region come from the areas occupied by the Turkish state and from Iraq. It means that they also have a finger in attacks. It seems that preparations for these attacks have been made for some time. In other words, this doesn’t seem to be an attack that came out of the blue.

A senior ISIS member captured in the operation carried out by SDF forces a month ago was part of this attack. It was then that he described these attack plans himself. He admitted that after the attack, which was planned to start with bomb-laden vehicles, the final aim was to release the ISIS mercenaries imprisoned there.

Everyone knows that the attacks were planned earlier. Ammunitions were placed in civilian settlements. They infiltrated the prison with the secret cell structures they set up in Hesekê district. The people inside started to revolt. Some attempted to escape. Some fled to other parts of the city. The Internal Security Forces declared a curfew in Hesekê to clear the city.

You said that the Turkish state had a hand in the attack and that the attack was carried out in a planned manner. Can you expand on this a little more?

Eight of the 10 items discussed at the last meeting in Astana were about Northern and Eastern Syria. They tried to destroy the experience here by saying that this ‘place is run by terrorists, separatists’. These are all part of the same concept. This is the first leg of the attack. The attacks from Shehba to Zirgan, the siege of the region, the closing of the border gates by the South Kurdistan and Syrian regimes, the arming of ISIS members in the camps and prisons in the region are all part of this same concept.

No matter how much chaos is created everywhere, it works for them. All the aims and objectives of the Turkish state's attacks are to overthrow the Autonomous Administration here. They are doing their best to achieve this. All of the dozens of ISIS cells captured so far have relations with the Turkish state. That's why those who carry out these attacks are not alone. Someone is supplying them with ammunition and logistical support. Otherwise, it's not something they can do alone.

What is the role of closing the border gates in these attacks?

The region is exposed to daily attacks. Again, 5 million people living in the region are oppressed. Problems are created by closing the border gates. For example, let's talk about Semalka Border Gate. They want the action started by the families of the martyrs to end. It means that they had a problem not with the actions carried out by the youth. There has been no response to the mothers for four months so far. Now they want the action to end.

What can international powers and public opinion do?

The whole world should see the danger of ISIS here. Those who will be most affected by the escape of tens of thousands of ISIS members in the region, especially the 5,000 ISIS members in prison, are the Western countries. If they really want to get rid of terrorism, they need to help our region. We are persistently talking about ending ISIS. If international forces insist on ending ISIS, they should be vigilant against these plans. They should stand up against those who support these attacks.

It is not possible to keep these ISIS mercenaries in a place like a school. More stringent security measures are needed. This danger is not only for us, but for the whole world. International powers should also see this and fulfil their responsibilities. We want the establishment of an international court and the trial of ISIS members. What happened in Hol Camp is another problem. The families and mercenaries there kill each other on a daily basis. We shout for these people to be taken by the countries they belong to.

We will resist these attacks as we have done in the past. We will not give up our free life and democratic projects because of the attacks. Everyone should know that we will resist.