Saleh Moslem speaks at EP: EU must speak up about Turkey’s invasion

PYD Co-chair Saleh Moslem spoke in the conference held in the EP: “EU countries must speak up against Turkey’s invasion of Rojava.” Muslim also revealed that they are in possession of documents proving Turkey’s aid to ISIS.

A conference titled “The Urgent Situation in Northern Syria, Turkish Invasion, Europe’s Security and An Alternative to the Turkey Deal” has been held in the European Parliament in the Belgian capital Brussels today. The conference hosted by Slovakian EP deputy Branislav Skripek was held in Anna Politikovska Conference Hall. PYD Co-chair Saleh Moslem and David Vergili in the name of the European Syriac Union attended the conference as speakers. Attendance was high in the conference. Branislav Skripek gave the opening speech and said they were there to draw attention to the situation Rojava is in, and that “There is a serious fight against ISIS in Rojava. Everybody should take their part in it.”


PYD co-chair Saleh Moslem mentioned Turkey’s attack on Jarablus and said: “Jarablus attack didn’t come out of the blue. Turkey has been attacking Rojava and Kurdish interests for years. We are in possession of documents showing their aid to ISIS. With this attack, Turkey is also attacking Syria’s democratization and the model we are trying to realize. They are on the same side as the regime in this matter.”

Moslem continued: “There is a serious embargo against Rojava. Both from Turkey and Southern Kurdistan. We as Rojava take in serious numbers of refugees. We can’t receive any aid in fulfilling their needs. Because of this embargo, no aid can come from anywhere. It’s not allowed. As institutions of Rojava, we want to contact EU and EU countries directly. Our cities have been torn down, we have taken in significant numbers of refugees, they have needs and these needs have to be met. We want to communicate directly, not over Turkey or Syria, but as institutions of Rojava.”

Moslem said they defend freedom in Rojava, saying; “The model we defend is a model where everyone can live freely. We want Arabs, Syriacs and Kurds to live together freely. These are also European values. We are the only movement in Syria to defend these values. We are paying a great price to defend these values. This is why we fight ISIS.”

Moslem made a call to EU countries and said: “EU countries should stand with us in this struggle and speak up against this invasion by Turkey.”


European Syriac Union representative David Vergili criticized Turkey’s invasion of Jarablus in his speech and said: “Turkey launched this attack to change the agenda. AKP government is experiencing significant hardship within the country now. They resort to this attack to change the agenda. Turkey’s administration wants the Middle East to change to their whim. So they make up new stories to this end. Turkey has no right to say “Democratic Syrian Forces shouldn’t cross to the west of Euphrates”.

Vergilli made a call to European Union member states and said: “The embargo on Rojava must end. For this, EU should pressure the Southern Kurdistan Government. Gates to Rojava must be opened at once”.