Sakine, Fidan, Leyla commemorated in Paris

Kurdish revolutionaries Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez commemorated in Paris where they were killed 8 years ago.

PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) founding member Sakine Cansız, Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) Paris Representative Fidan Doğan and Kurdish Youth Movement member Leyla Şaylemez were remembered on the 8th anniversary of their murder at 147 La Fayette Street where the Kurdistan Information Office is located.

French politicians, representatives of Kurdish institutions and pro-Kurdish activists attended the commemoration event organized by the Kurdish institutions, the Kurdish Women's Movement and the Democratic Kurdish Council of France in Paris and Ile De France.

The commemoration event started with a mass march in front of the Democratic Kurdish Community Center in Paris, accompanied by slogans "Down with the fascist Turkish regime", "We want justice", "Stop Erdogan, Erdogan is terrorist". In the marching cortege, photographs of Cansiz, Doğan and Şaylemez and wreaths in the name of KNK, CDK-F, TJK-E, TCŞ, KJK-F, KCDK-E were carried.

A banner reading "Erdoğan gave the order, the dictator must be judged" was displayed in the first row of the march. The crowd marched to the Kurdistan Information Office where a memorial ceremony was held, starting with a minute of silence. Roses were left in front of the scene where the triple murder took place.


Nupel Munzur who spoke on behalf of the Kurdish Women's Movement called out to the French authorities and said, "We will never accept this impunity."

Calling for the trial of Turkey’s Erdoğan, Munzur said: "In the person of the three comrades, they targeted our people and our movement. This attack is essentially against our Leader. We know that the Turkish state and Erdogan gave this order. If he remains unpunished, the massacre will continue."

Helere Bidard, Deputy Mayor of Paris Metropolitan Municipality also attended the ceremony. Stating that they have been a part of the struggle for justice since 2013, when the massacre took place, Bidard said, "8 years have passed and I still remember what we saw on the first day: Three women, three politicians, representatives of peace, were massacred in the middle of Paris. We will not forget it." Bidard demanded that the trial be launched as soon as possible.

'I am proud of my daughter'

A voice message of Sakine Cansız's mother said: "I am proud of my daughter. My daughter was an honest person. She was working well. I greet her friends. You represent Sakine’s legacy. I am proud of you", followed by the chant "Şehîd namirin" (Martyrs are immortal).

In the statement made on behalf of the Socialist Women's Union, it was highlighted that: "This is the struggle of all of us. The massacres of the fascist regime would take our mothers. There was always a struggle in this anger and pain. Our anger has not subsided. We will continue to fight."

Speaking on behalf of CDK-F, Veysel Keser called for strong participation in the march to be staged on Saturday and said, "Let Erdoğan be judged, impunity should end".

The pictures of the three women painted by Zehra Doğan were hung on the Paris 10th district city hall.