Rojava and Swedish municipalities agree to improve cooperation

In an online meeting Rojava and Swedish municipalities discussed about the model in Rojava. It was agreed that the municipalities should improve their cooperation in practice.

Rojava and Swedish municipalities met for the second time in an online meeting.

In the first meeting held in mid-January, the municipalities of the Left Party informed the municipality of Rojava about their services in Sweden and the functioning of the local institutions. In the second meeting that took place on Tuesday, March 2, it was the turn of Rojava municipalities to give information about their functioning.

Swedish Left Party Deputy and Foreign Policy Spokesperson Håkan Svenneling, Göteborg Municipality group head Daniel Bernmar and Rojava executive Berivan Omer attended the meeting moderated by PYD Sweden representative Şiyar Ali and Swedish International Left Forum Board Member Yekbun Alp.

Berivan Omer, one of the executives of the Qamishlo Municipality, said that Kurdish forces have been working in Northern and Eastern Syria since 2013, and after the defeat of ISIS, they have captured 30 percent of Syrian territory under their control.

Omer maintained that Kurdish women play an important role in municipalities and are pillars of the system.

Left Party Deputy and Foreign Policy Spokesperson Håkan Svenneling said that they are closely monitoring the progress of Kurdish forces in cantons and municipalities.

Svennelig and Bernmar said that they will invite Rojava municipalities representatives to Sweden to observe the municipalities they govern and likewise Rojava municipalities invited Swedish representatives to Northern and Eastern Syria.