#Riseup4Rojava calls for protests against right wing terror

Yesterday a neo-Nazi murdered nine people in Hanau, the second largest right-wing attack in the history of the German Federal Republic. The campaign #Riseup4Rojava calls for people to take to the streets everywhere tonight to remember the dead.

After the right-wing terrorist massacre in Hanau city of the Hessen state in Germany, the campaign #Riseup4Rojava calls for strong participation in the protest actions announced for Thursday evening in different cities to commemorate the dead and to organize self-defense against fascism.

A statement released by the campaign today includes the following:

"The attack in Hanau didn’t come out of nowhere. Whether the attack on Walter Lübcke or the murders of Halle: fascists do not only call for violence on the internet - they are part of the state structures, they arm themselves and are ready to attack anyone who does not fit into their world view. They feel encouraged by the AfD and the right-wing populist rhetoric from the 'middle class'. The German state and its racist and anti-democratic policies are partly responsible for this massacre. The statements on the attack in Hanau by Ali Toprak or Angela Merkel, who advocate and support the fascist annihilation policy of the Turkish state in Kurdistan and Northern Syria, are a pure farce and hypocrisy. We resolutely oppose any reactionary, warmongering and capitalist policies of the CDU-ENKS-AKP axis and make it clear once again that with the forces of capitalist modernity with its patriarchal capitalist mentality, there can be no solution to the social crisis and fascist terror, neither in the Middle East nor in Germany. Those who have smashed the ISIS in Kurdistan and who are resisting until today against the fascist AKP-MHP regime supported by NATO are threatened with criminalization, repression and fascist attacks in the German state also today. Among the dead and injured in Hanau are also several Kurds. The symbols and slogans of the Kurdish freedom movement are strictly forbidden and democratic commitment is criminalized.

The paradigm of Abdullah Öcalan and the will and efforts of the Kurdish freedom movement for a peaceful, free, democratic future of the societies has become a great hope for all democratic and social movements. It has become a model for a pluralistic, democratic, equal society, far away from patriarchy, racism and lust for power. These ideas are naturally a thorn in the side of reactionary forces. The continuing attacks on Rojava by jihadist gangs of the Turkish state, supported by NATO and especially the German Federal Government, are the best example of this. Therefore, the attack in Hanau and the ethnic cleansing and occupation in Northern Syria are expressions of the same inhuman mentality, therefore our anti-fascist spirit of resistance on a global level must also organise self-defence against it.

In this difficult hour we would like to express once again our deepest condolences to all relatives of the victims. Our thoughts and our sympathy go to them.

Our call is:

Let's stop watching. Let us take to the streets today with the antifascist youth spirit, with the symbols and flags of the antifascist resistance fighters of Kurdistan!

No forgiving, no forgetting - All together against fascism!

Long live the revolution of Rojava!"

So far known dates for demonstrations and protests are as follows:

Thursday, February 20th

#Aachen | 19:00 | Am Elisenbrunnen

| 18.30 Uhr | Stadthalle

#Berlin 18 Uhr Hermannsplatz

#Bielefeld | 18:00 | Rathausplatz

#Bochum | 18:00 | Hauptbahnhof

#Bremen | 18:30 Uhr | Ziegenmarkt

#Dortmund | 19:00 | Friedensplatz

#Dresden | 19:00 | Albertplatz

#Duisburg 18:00 Uhr / Vor dem Forum

#Essen | 19:00 | Altendorfer/Markscheidestraße (ehemaliges Aral-Gelände)

#Frankfurt | 18:00 Uhr | Paulsplatz

#Frankfurt am Main | 17:00 | Kaisersack

#Freiburg | 19:00 | Johanneskirche

#Fürth | 18:00 | Dreiherrenbrunnen

#Gießen | 18:00 | Kirchenplatz

#Hamburg | 18:30 | AfD Zentrale Innenstadt (Schmiedestr. 2)

#Hanau | 18:00 | Marktplatz

#Hannover | 18:00 | Kröpcke

#Heidelberg | 17:30 | Bismarckplatz

#Karlsruhe | 18:00 | Kirchplatz St. Stephanplatz

#Kassel | 18:00 | Rathaus Kassel

#Kiel | 18:30 | Hauptbahnhof, Platz der Matrosen

#Cologne | 18:00 | Keupstraße/Schanzenstraße

#Landau | 18:00 | Marktplatz

#Leipzig | 20:00 | Aldiparkplatz Eisi

#Magdeburg | 19:00 |Hauptbahnhof

#Mannheim | 19:00 | am Marktplatz

#Marburg | 20:00 | Erwin-Pscator-Haus

#München | 20:00 | Odeonsplatz

#Münster | 18:00 | Historisches Rathaus

#Mönchengladbach | 18:00 | Hbf

#Nürnberg | 18:00 | Lorenzkirche

#Potsdam I 18:00 I Platz der Einheit

#Saalfeld | 17:00 Uhr | Boulevard

#Seligenstadt | 19:00 | Marktplatz

#Siegen | 20:00 | Kölner Tor

#Stuttgart | 18:00 | Schlossplatz

#Tübingen | 19:00 | am Holzmarkt

#Wetzlar | 18:00 | Herkules Center

#Wuppertal | 18:00 | Markt in Oberbarmen

#Würzburg | 17:00 | Barbarossaplatz


#Vienna, 19:00 Uhr Gauermanngasse

Friday, February 21st

#Cologne | 18:00 | hbf

#Tortmund | 17:00 | Reinoldikirche

#Düsseldorf | 17:00 | Immermannplatz