Revolutionary youth and women initiatives founded for ‘Revenge’

Revolutionary Youth Initiative and Revolutionary Women Initiative were founded with the slogan of ‘Revenge’

Revolutionary Youth Initiative and Revolutionary Women Initiative were founded with the slogan of ‘Revenge’

In their announcement, the initiatives called upon everyone to "Go out to the streets and organize revolutionary actions". The initiatives announced their goals and emphasized that they would gain great victories with a great resistance and a spirit of revenge.

The initiatives stated that the revolutionary and patriotic youth of Kurdistan and Turkey have always organized itself in order to resist capitalist attacks, stressing that Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s isolation and resistance in İmralı, ongoing massacres, and political genocide operations have made it necessary for the youth to organize once again. The initiatives noted that the Kurdistan Freedom Movement and the Free Women’s Movement showed them the method of resistance, and the Revolutionary Youth Initiative as well as the Revolutionary Women Initiative would continue the struggles of these two movements.


The initiatives’ goals were listed as the following:

"Ending the isolation and imprisonment of our Leader Öcalan;

Mobilizing against the fascist attacks targeting our people;

Struggling so that everyone can live with her or his language and culture;

Leading the self-administration resistance for free lives;

Realizing the dreams of and taking the revenge of all revolutionaries that have fallen as martyrs;

Organizing against harassment, rape, drugs, and agencification;

Spreading the self-administration resistance and ending the rule of the palace in Turkey;

Growing the struggle for an independent Kurdistan and leading to victory;

Organizing for the collapse of the AKP government’s fascist gangs;

Living in our squares, streets and houses freely;

Mobilizing against the exploitation of labor;

Organizing the resistance that would open the doors of prisons and fighting against operations of political genocide.

The two initiatives emphasized that they perceive any attack on Kurdish people as an attack on themselves and promised self-defense. The groups did not describe themselves as armed, but said that everything in nature is a tool of self-defense and the enemy’s institutions, forces and collaborators would be targeted actively. The initiatives recalled the attacks on Öcalan and Kurdish people, and said that self-defense against these attacks was nothing but legitimate.

The revolutionary youth and women initiatives described the current time period as the time of mobilization and victory, and emphasized the role of young people and women in this struggle. The initiatives called upon the youth, women, workers and students in Kurdistan and Turkey to never forget the fascist of the AKP and the revolutionaries that feel as they fought this fascism, and to go out to the streets and organize revolutionary actions.