Revolutionary Forces: We will send our forces to Afrin

SDF and its constituents made a joint statement and announced that their forces that are fighting ISIS east of Euphrates will be sent to Afrin due to the silence of international community on the massacres in Afrin.

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the revolutionary forces in Idlib and Aleppo Jaysh al-Thuwar, Jabhat al-Akra, Lîwa Şemis El-Şemal El-Demokratî and Idlib Military Council made a joint statement to the press regarding the Turkish state’s attacks against Afrin.

The joint statement was read by Jaysh al-Thuwar Spokesman Umer El-Idlibê who stated the following;

“We as revolutionary forces under the SDF that are fighting terror with the support of the International Coalition made a decision due to the ongoing silence of international democratic and free community against the massacres of Erdogan.

We lost many fighters during three years of fight against ISIS in a large territory of Syria like Aleppo, Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor and Heseke. However, we regret to say that we have to withdraw our forces that are fighting ISIS in the east of Euphrates and countryside of Deir ez-Zor and send them to Afrin where resistance against the invading Turkish state’s attacks continues.

We would not be forced to make this decision if international states and community took an action against Turkey’s attacks on Afrin.

The whole world should know that Erdogan’s attacks against Northern Syria have revived ISIS gangs that have been constrained east of Syria. Following the defeat of ISIS by SDF’s anti-terror fight, Turkish intelligence dispatched Al-Qaeda gangs to villages west of Idlib and Aleppo to eliminate the revolutionary forces of Syria. This situation causes a revival of terror in Syria.

The whole world knows that SDF has defeated ISIS during three years of struggle. The silence of international community against the barbaric attacks on civilians in Afrin caused us to withdraw our forces fighting against ISIS and deploy them to Afrin to resist against the attacks of the invading Turkish state.

Afrin is the foundation of a democratic and free Syria, and a symbol of peoples’ co-existence. Turkey is attacking Afrin and perpetrating massacres here with unreasonable excuses today.

On the 46th day of resistance against the Turkish state’s invasion attacks, we have decided to join this resistance and protect all the peoples of Syria. We would like to say the Syrian people, who are made to fight against the peoples of Syria by the Turkish intelligence, that this country is ours. Let’s defend our country in unity against all kinds of attacks. It is a great shame that the people of Syria are fighting each other in line with the plans of region’s states like Turkey. Why are you fighting against the Syrian peoples on the side of Turkey? The unfair side will be defeated in Syria. With the scream for peace in one of our hands, and our arms in other hand, we will protect our lands against the invaders until the end.

Syria is the country of Syrian peoples. We want to create a free Syria free of terror.

Long Live Afrin resistance.”