Revenge Units issue balance sheet for April: 30 actions claimed

Martyr Sakine Casızc- Martyr Savaş Amed - Martyr Sema Koçer - Martyr Baran Dersim Revenge Units said they carried out at least 30 separate actions in Amed, Van and Istanbul in April.

The Revenge Units issued a written statement containing their monthly balance sheets. The statement called the current political process "a process in which the AKP MHP fascist mindset wants to implement the values of exploitation and oppression."

The Revenge Units added that the Turkish state has entered a serious crisis and this is "the biggest reason for the isolation imposed on Presidente Apo."

Noting that the solution is Öcalan, the Revenge Units underlined that they will continue to knit the circle of resistance around the Kurdish leader.

The Revenge Units, which urged the youth of Kurdistan to go towards the mountains, detailed the April balance sheet as follows:

"On 1 April 1, self defense units in Van İpekyolu Xacort Sürmeli canal area closed roads and made speeches against isolation. Enemies trying to enter the neighborhood were hit by handmade explosives by our self-defense units.

On 1 April, an action was carried out in Van Edremit Sabaniye, by throwing a bomb to the house of the AKP gang member guards.

On 2 April, an action was carried out with short-barreled weapons at Van İpekyolu Bostaniçi police station. The number of dead and injured could not been established.

On 2 April the neighborhood self-defense units in Van İpekyolu Karşıyaka District cut roads and made speeches against isolation to the public.

On April 2, two explosives were thrown to the police officers in Istanbul Sultangazi Esentepe. Both police were injured.

On 2 April two vehicles belonging to fascist AKP members were burned and destroyed in Istanbul Küçükçekmece Sefaköy.

On 2 April the building and 2 vehicles of a mining company providing financial support to the AKP-MHP fascist regime in Sultangazi district of Istanbul, were set on fire, and hundreds of thousands of property damage occurred.

On 3 April the workplace of an AKP collaborator was burned down in Ümraniye Mustafa Kemal, Istanbul, and material damage occurred.

On 3 April a house in Gaziosmanpaşa Küçükköy where drugs were sold was burned down.

On 4 April the self-defense units attacked the invading police in Van İpekyolu Xaçort.

On 5 April drug dealers were attacked in Amed Sur Melikahmet. The house where drugs were sold was attacked and made unusable.

On 5 April 4 luxury vehicles belonging to fascist AKP members were burned and destroyed in Istanbul Kadıköy Bostancı.

On 5 April, Turkish police officers patrolled in the Fiskaya neighborhood of Amed's Yenişehir district were attacked with handmade explosives, and the enemy was hit in the action.

On 8 April protests were carried out with handmade explosives at the A101 market on Melik Ahmet Caddesi in Amed's Sur district. In the action, the market was rendered unusable and a great deal of damage was done.

On 8 April, a hand-made explosive action was held in front of PTT in the Gazi neighborhood of Istanbul.

On 9 April 4 vehicles belonging to AKP members were burned and destroyed in Istanbul Kadıköy Bostancı.

On 12 and 15 April, 5 vehicles belonging to fascists were burned and destroyed in Kartal district of Istanbul.

On 14 April  in the Hacıbekir (Xaçort) District of Van's İpekyolu district, young people protested the invading Turkish army and the KDP for the bombing against the Zînî Wertê region.

On 15 April there was a protest against the AKP councilor in Van İpekyolu Gündoğdu Mahallesi Erbek Sokak. Likewise the house of İdris Surki, a village guard, was attacked and the informer warned.

On 14 April, the invading intelligence officers sent to Van Edremit village were shot at by the self-defense units with hand-made explosives. The enemy vehicle was damaged and the officers left the area.

On 19 April our self-defense revenge units protested against the attacks on Maxm and Zînî Wertê in Van İpekyolu Xaçort, blocking the streets. The invading enemy police officers who came to the area were shot at and withdrew . Our units provided security in the neighborhood until morning.

On 20 April at İpekyolu Yenimahalle, the BİM market and the workplace vehicle belonging to the market were burned and material damage occurred to the building and the vehicle.

On 21 April, the vehicle of AKP collaborator and council member Veysi Mutlu was burned in Van İpekyolu and the vehicle was damaged.

On 22 April at the last stop of Van İpekyolu Karşıyaka Mahallesi, the house of AKP collaborator and guard Mehdi Toran was attacjed.

On 22 April a graffiti action with graffiti saying “freedom for prisonerss” was carried out in Van and Istanbul districts.

On 22 April, an action was carried out with hand-made explosives against the police station in the Muradiye district of Amed's Bağlar district.

On 23 April, in Arnavutköy, a bus belonging to AKP collaborator was burned and a commercial taxi was destroyed.

On 24 and 26 April, self-defense units carried out an attack with hand-made explosives and stones against police vehicles in many neighborhoods of Amed's Bağlar district.

On 24 April three vehicles belonging to fascist collaborators were burned down in Esenler.

On 27 April, the vehicle of a fascist AKP council member was burned in Başakşehir. The vehicle was completely destroyed."