Referendum violations across Turkey and North Kurdistan

More reports of violations during the referendum voting are coming through as AKP supporters continue voting in the open, battery and detentions and security forces intervene the voting in North Kurdistan.

More reports of violations during the referendum voting are coming through as AKP supporters continue voting in the open, battery and detentions and security forces intervene the voting in North Kurdistan.

*Referendum bans are violated on the ground and in the air: A “Yes” balloon is still in the air in Çağlayan, Istanbul.

*A woman named Zeliha Akgül who was going to vote in Ballot #2027 in Hazım Ersu Elementary School in Bahçelievler, Istanbul saw her name on the voter list signed for. She filed a complaint.

*At Ballot #2165 in Göktürk Clerical School in Eyüp, Istanbul, AKP’s ballot officers allowed a policeman to vote without a 142 document.

*At Ballot #1298 in Eskişehir Anatolian High School, during voting the seal on the ballot was broken and resealed by the ballot chair. Ballot officers threatened the observers who said they will file complaints and write a minute.

*AKP propaganda vehicle was left parked next to Salih Alptekin Middle School and across from Aysel Yücetürk Anatolian High School on Selimiye Avenue. The authorities didn’t intervene with the vehicle.

*At Ballot #4213 in Koca Ragıp Paşa Elementary School in Bağcılar, Istanbul the envelopes and bills weren’t stamped. AKP members prevented observers from writing a minute.

*In Atatürk Middle School in Tantavi Neighborhood, Ümraniye, Istanbul people walking around with orange pens were reported to ask voters where they will be voting. The orange pen is reported to be AKP members. In many schools, people with orange pens are warned by the voters and the police but keep the pens visible on their persons.

*A voter in Atatürk Middle School in Bostancı, Istanbul entered the booth with his phone despite warnings by the ballot officers. The man photographed his vote and then went on to insult the ballot officers. A minute was written up.

*At Ballot #2008 in Dr. Nurettin Beyhan Elbir Elementary School in Sincan neighborhood of Ankara, there were supposed to be 2 “Preference” stamps but there was only 1.

*A man in Fikirtepe Hüseyin Ayaz Middle School tried to enter the booths while people were voting. The man was stopped as the ballot chair noticed. He refused to show the document he had.

District police chief in 3 Nisan Middle School in Özalp, Van removed the HDP official from the school.

In Dikmen İzciler Elementary School, AKP observers wore name tags that included the party’s name. Other observers objected. Afterwards the AKP members filed complaints about the TKP members for battering them. The policemen in the school detained the TKP member and took her to the Şehit Mustafa Düzgün Police Station.


A crisis center set up in HDP Headquarters is receiving dozens of calls. The violations that have been reported are as follows:

*There are fewer bills than voters in many provinces.

*Ballot officers tried to stop HDP observers from entering a school in Mersin.

*Observers weren’t allowed in some schools in Cizre. When they objected, the police let them in after they searched them.

*In Çorlu Bahçelevler Commerce Vocational High School ballot guides with AKP logos were handed out.

*The village headman in Kızılyusuf village in Malazgirt, Muş forced the residents to vote in the open.

*In Ceylanpınar Aydoğdu neighborhood, ballot officials were kicked out after they were beaten.

*In Palu, Elazığ a “Yes” stamp was used instead of a “Preference” stamp.

*In Gürpınar, Van soldiers voted with their weapons still on their persons.

*In Büyükyazı, Ağrı voters were forced to vote in the open.

*In Arıcak Karataş, Elazığ voters were forced to vote in the open.

*In Karayazı Çelikli village in Erzurum, soldiers patrol the school for intimidation.

*In Eşref Bitlis Middle School in Çankaya, Ankara AKP and MHP members set up a propaganda stand by the entrance.

*In Raif Mumcu Elementary School in Çığırık village in Siverek, Urfa voters were forced to vote in the open at gunpoint.

* At Ballots #1295 and 1294 in Sudüğünü village, Bingöl voters were forced to vote in the open.

*In Yukarı Erhacı village in Iğdır voters were forced to vote in the open.

*In Horasan, Erzurum ballot officials were battered and removed from the school.

*In Talaytepe in Kayapınar, Diyarbakır 2 HDP school observers were detained.

*In Şavata village in Ceylanpınar, Urfa HDP ballot council member was battered.

*In Oğulbağı village in Korkut, Muş the village headman voted in other people’s steads.


Soldiers confiscated ballot boxes in Hoşap in Van’s Gürpınar district.

In Güzelsu Elementary School in Hoşap, HDP ballot observers were threatened and not allowed near the ballots. Soldiers and village guards who came in to vote search people on their way in and threatened them that if the outcome isn’t Yes, they will burn the place down.

AKP members openly voted “Yes” in Eyübiye district in Urfa.