Raqqa's Al-Jisr road taken under control by SDF

SDF fighters have cleared the Al-Jisr al-Jadeed road and entered the Nazal Shihade neighborhood.

According to latest reports from Raqqa, YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have cleared the al-Sharaa facility and Fırat station of the gangs, and gained control over Al-Jisr al-Jadeed road.

On the other hand, SDF fighters have entered the Nazal Shihade neighborhood.

SDF fighters yesterday liberated the Yarmouk neighborhood and started mop-up operations this morning.

With this latest development, 8 neighborhoods of Raqqa are entirely cleansed of ISIS gangs.

In the meantime, clashes continue in Hisham Ibn Abdulmalik neighborhood and around the historic Etîq mosque.