Rapper Pablo Hasel arrested for apology of terrorism

Rapper Pablo Hasel arrested for apology of terrorism

Madrid Provincial police have arrested yesterday in Lleida (Catalunya) rapper Pablo Hasel, 22, for "alleged condoning terrorism on the Internet." The warrant has apparently been issued by the Audiencia Nacional in relation to the fact that Hasel in one of his song salutes a member of the armed left group Grapo currently in jail.

The rapper has been interrogated today and released but the charge remains.

In an interview published in kaosenlared website the rapper summed up his stance supporting the Grapo inmates in the following terms: "It is incredible to be branded as criminals people who spent 30 years in prison because they have chosen to dedicate their entire life to the fight against a genocidal system. One can be not in favour of armed struggle, but please .... Grapo did not bombed hospitals and schools as the yankees empire. Instead, if you are a PP (Popular Party) member who supports genocide in the East well you are considered an hero and a great man. However, if you do not condemn Grapo you are branded a terrorist of the worst kind. We live in an upside-down world, where the worst is accepted and justice and resistance to barbarity get punished. In short, the feast of capitalism. As Malcolm X said: the means of manipulation act so that the masses end up loving their oppressors and condemning those who oppose them."

Hansel was aware that he could be sued and charged by the special court (Audiencia Nacional) and indeed he said: "I am conscious of what I risk and I am ready to face the consequences of my speech. My life would be meaningless if I was not to protest and rise my voice against what logic proves unfair. If I stayed in silence I would feel so empty and meaningless that I should commit suicide ... So what is a trial compare to a suicide "

The protests over the arrest of the young rapper have spread via the Internet through appeals and initiatives. This is one site where to find news and the appeal many bands and musicians are signing:


In this video the song by Pablo Hansel "Muerte a los Borbonese"