Rally against isolation and silence in Brussels

Brussels housed a central rally in solidarity with the Kurdish massive hunger strike protest against the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan.

Kurds and their friends have gathered in Belgium’s capital Brussels today for a massive rally to raise awareness for the hunger strike and death fast actions demanding the end of the isolation regime executed against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Kurds from Belgium, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland have joined the rally which was participated by over a thousand people, according to the organizers.

The mass gathered at the Gare Central area starting from early morning hours before starting the march where women with white head scarves stood on the very front line. White head scarves were referring to the Turkish state violence against the mothers of prisoners on hunger strike in Turkey and North Kurdistan.

In addition to KNK representatives and former deputies of the HDP, the rally was also attended by several organizations including TJK-E, SKB, AvEG-KON, ATİK, HBDH, KCDK-E, KNK, PYD, Partizan, Labour and Freedom Front and the International Solidarity Committee with Political Prisoners.

Demonstrators denounced the isolation regime and inhuman acts executed against Kurdish People’s Leader and all political prisoners and called for their freedom.

The slogans chanted during the rally were “Murderer Erdoğan”, “Down with the fascist Turkish regime”, “Terrorist Turkey, collaborator Europe” and “Bijî berxwedana zindanan” [Long live the prison resistance].

The crowd marched till the Luxembourg Square where the organizers and protesters are making speeches.