Racist lynching attempt against a Kurd in Heusden-Zolder

In Heusden-Zolder in the Belgian province of Limburg, a mass racist lynching attempt was made against a person who made a victory sign while driving his car. An investigation was initiated against the person who made the victory sign.


According to the Belgian media, a new incident took place in Heusden-Zolder on Monday afternoon. While the police and media did not question the racist lynching attempt, the arrows were directed at a person who made a victory sign in a car with German licence plates passing through the town.

After the driver made a victory sign, racists reportedly gathered, attacked and physically assaulted the driver.

According to reports, police patrolling the area briefly detained the driver instead of intervening against the racists. The police prepared an official report against the driver to be sent to the public prosecutor's office.

In the municipality of Heusden-Zolder, a large group of Kurds, mostly families from Rojava, were attacked by hundreds of AKP-MHP racists on 24 March. Dozens of people were threatened with being burnt to death in a house where they had taken refuge, and many people were injured during the attacks, one of them in serious condition.