Protests against repression in Athens and Montpellier

In Athens and Montpellier, there have been protest actions in the framework of the campaign "End isolation, fascism and occupation - time for freedom".

The political campaign "End Isolation, Fascism and Occupation - Time for Freedom", launched on September 12 by the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), is drawing ever wider circles. As there are many different actions worldwide every day, protests also took place in Montpellier and Athens on Tuesday.


In the Greek capital, activists marched to the Turkish consulate under flags of KCK and PKK as well as pictures of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan. The participants chanted slogans including "Erdoğan is a murderer and fascist", "Long live the resistance of the PKK" and "Long live Chairman Apo". Many passers-by received the demonstration very positively and showed solidarity by cheering and applause. The protest march to the Turkish consulate was massively cordoned off by the police. There the aggressive expansionist policy and the attacks of the AKP/MHP regime were sharply condemned by speakers from various organizations.


In the French city of Montpellier, Delal Amed Women’s Commune organised an action reclaiming the KCK campaign and handing out leaflets in French to the passers-by about the repression against women and the HDP in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan.

Speakers expressed their support to the KCK campaign and protested against the political genocide against the HDP.

Activists vowed that repression will never intimidate them and called on women and all revolutionary-democratic circles to adopt a stance against the atrocities of the Turkish state.