Protests across Europe against use of chemical weapons by Turkish army in Kurdistan

Protests are taking place across Europe against the use of banned ordnance by the Turkish army in Kurdistan. Kurdish organizations are demanding attention and a statement from international institutions.

Protests against the Turkish use of chemical weapons in Kurdistan are taking place across Europe.

Last week, the medical peace organization IPPNW published a report on possible violations of the chemical weapons ban by Turkey in attacks on Kurdish civilians and PKK fighters in northern Iraq. Today, the People's Defense Forces (HPG) reported the deaths of 17 fighters from poison gas in the past few weeks. Footage of two guerrilla fighters injured by chemical weapons appeared.

The Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe (TJK-E) and the European umbrella organization KCDK-E called for the protests.


Protest action in Düsseldorf

Protest action against Turkish chemical weapons attacks in Munich

Protest in Bern.

Villiers Le Bel

Hundreds of Kurds are protesting in the Paris banlieu of Villiers Le Bel.

Hauptwache Frankfurt: OPCW was asked to act.

Civil disobedience at Zurich main station.

Kurds in Basel demand solidarity.

Protest in front of the UN in Copenhagen: Don't become accomplices!

Appeal to international organizations in Freiburg: "Erdogan is a fascist!"

Spontaneous demonstration at Stephanplatz in Vienna.
"Silence kills!" - Rally in Hamburg against the use of chemical weapons.

At a spontaneous rally on the occasion of the murder of 17 guerrilla fighters in the last few days by chemical weapons attacks by the Turkish army, Kurds and their friends came together at Hamburg Central Station to protest against the massacre, which violates international law, and to call on the population to stop these crimes to become active. 

Spontaneous protest in Bordeaux.

Protest in front of Kiel Central Station: chemical weapons are a crime.

Spontaneous action against Turkish chemical weapons on Luisenplatz in Darmstadt: Jin Jiyan Azadî!
“Germany, with its supposedly value-based foreign policy, must act”

In Nuremberg, too, there were protests in the city center against the chemical weapons attacks by the Turkish army on guerrilla positions in southern Kurdistan, which violate international law. It was pointed out that between April 14 and October 14, 2022 alone, the Turkish state used internationally banned poison gas more than two and a half thousand times, which was investigated and confirmed by the medical peace organization IPPNW, among others. Just today, the names of 17 freedom fighters who have recently fallen victim to chemical weapons attacks have become public.
The demonstrators complained that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) was informed but had not taken any action. And the EU and especially Germany, with its supposedly "value-based" foreign policy, turn a blind eye when it comes to war crimes committed by the Turkish state. 

The Kurdish politician in exile Faysal Sarıyıldız speaks at a rally in Mannheim.