Protest in front of NATO HQ: “Stop the war against Kurds!”

Kurdish activists protested in front of the NATO headquarters in Brussels in protest at Turkey’s occupation attacks and war crimes in Kurdistan, and the silence of NATO, urging it to “stop the war against Kurds".

The European Kurdish Women’s Movement (TJK-E) staged a demonstration in front of the NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. The protest was supported by the Association of Working Migrants in Europe (AGEB), Partizan and Purple-Red Collective.

The activists chanted anti-Turkey and anti-NATO slogans such as “NATO finances, Turkey bombs”, “Terrorist Turkey” and “Yesterday Hitler, Today Erdogan”, as they urged NATO to stop being an accomplice to the crimes and to stop the war against Kurds.

A declaration read on behalf of the activists, titled “Call upon NATO”, recalled that the Turkish state has bombed civilian settlements time and again, especially since the beginning of 2021.

The declaration stressed that fundamental facilities such as wheat storage, schools, hospitals, houses, water supply networks, electric networks have been targeted during Turkey’s genocidal attacks, especially in Rojava, and even water has been used as a weapon against people.

Pointing to Turkey’s attacks on Shengal and Maxmur and chemical attacks on the guerrilla-controlled Medya Defense Zones, the declaration noted that local people are forced to leave their land through systematic attacks that target civilian settlements directly.

“Relying on NATO support, Turkey perpetrates all these actions unhindered. We can state clearly that NATO does not stop Turkey. This war is NATO’s war against the Kurds.”

On behalf of the families victimized by the Turkish state, the activists called upon NATO stop the war against Kurds, saying, “We urge NATO to stop killing our daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers.”

The declaration called on NATO to stick to its own principles.