Prisoners' relatives: We will protest until our children's demands are met

Relatives of the prisoners, who met with Minister Tunç's private secretary, said: "We will not stop protesting until this action reaches its goal and the demands of the prisoners are accepted."

Peace Mothers and prisoners' relatives, who came from Izmir to Ankara to meet with the Minister of Justice, Yılmaz Tunç, met with his private secretary. Relatives of the prisoners held a press conference at the Headquarters of the People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) regarding the meeting.

Peace Mother Hanife Gümüş said: “We were able to go to the private secretary of the minister. The Minister of Justice was afraid and did not want to appear in front of us. We explained our problem to the Minister's private secretary. We said that unless the minister ensures peace, our children will remain in prison. We told the secretary that we would not leave the front of the Ministry of Justice and the streets unless our demands were met."

Peace Mother Peyruze Kurt said: “We came here from Izmir. We have a purpose and a goal. First of all, we never accept the cruelty in prisons and that of Mr. Abdullah Öcalan. The oppression implemented in the prisons is related to the oppression implemented in Imralı. As long as the oppression in Imralı continues, the oppression in other prisons will also continue. If the isolation is lifted, the doors of all prisons will be opened and the oppression there will end. We are Peace Mothers, not war mothers, we want peace, not war."