Political genocide continues: 14 detained in Amed

The political campaign of annihilation against the Kurdish opposition in Turkey continues. In Amed, 14 people have been detained as part of the investigations against the Democratic Society Congress (DTK).

By order of the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, numerous apartments in Amed (Diyarbakir) were stormed by the police in the early morning, 14 people were arrested while a search is underway for three more people. The arrests were made as part of the investigation against the civil society association Democratic Society Congress (DTK).

Among those arrested are journalist Hakkı Boltan, former HDP MP Hatice Kocaman, HDP local politicians Edip Binbir and Ömer Filitoğlu, Mele Naif Erdem and Mele Emin Ay of the Democratic Islamic Congress (DIK), trade unionist Medeni Tutşi, deposed mayor of Eğil, Gülistan Ensarioğlu, and former HDP provincial executive committee members Çiğdem Ekti and Mekiye Güzel.

In the scope of the same investigation, 45 people were arrested on June 26, of whom 23 were imprisoned for alleged membership to a terrorist organization. This was followed by the arrest of Mehmet Demir, the deposed mayor of Batman, in July.

The DTK has long been criminalized because it is a project proposed by Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan for social organization. DTK functions as an umbrella organization for political parties, civil society organizations, religious communities, and women's and youth organizations. It sees itself as a social counterpart to state structures, which - based on council and grassroots democracy - develops concepts for the self-organization of the population and alternatives for local self-administration. The DTK headquarters in Amed was officially sealed at the end of June after a raid.