Police detain Osman Şiban, the villager thrown from an army helicopter

Osman Şiban, a villager who was thrown from a helicopter by Turkish soldiers in Çatak, province of Van, was detained following a raid on his house in Mersin.

Osman Şiban, a villager who was thrown from a helicopter on 11 September 2020 in Çatak, Van, was taken into custody following a raid on his house in Mersin.

Within the scope of an investigation carried out by the Van Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, the house of Osman Şiban, in the borough of Güneş in Mersin, was raided this morning.

Şiban was taken into custody and brought to Toros State Hospital by ambulance to undergo medical examination.

It was learned that a health committee was expected to convene to carry out a health check on Şiban, who was continuing to be treated at home after the torture.

It was learned that Şiban would be taken to Van where the investigation was carried out.

Şiban had been detained by soldiers along with Servet Turgut on 11 September 2020. The two villagers were thrown from a military helicopter as testified by eyewitness. Turgut died from the injuries suffered at the hands of the Turkish soldiers.


On 11 September 2020, Turkish soldiers detained two villagers in Catak District of Van, namely, Mr Servet Turgut (55), father of 7 children, and Mr Osman Şiban (50), father of 8 children. Families could not get news from them for two days. On 13 September 2020, families were informed that both detainees were under intensive care in the Van Regional Hospital in an unconscious state.

Servet Turgut, father of 7, was in intensive care for 20 days and died on 30 September.