Police take 90 into custody following action against Ministry of Internal Affairs

Following the action of the Immortals Battalion against the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs, nearly 90 people were taken into custody in arbitrary and systematic operations carried out in 18 provinces.

Some 90 people were taken into custody following the action of the Immortals Battalion against the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Ankara last Sunday.

On 2 October, at least 20 people were taken into custody in two police operations in Istanbul and Kırıklareli, targeting the People's Democratic Congress (HDK) and the People's Democratic Party (HDP). A confidentiality order was imposed on the investigation. Those detained were also prohibited from accessing a lawyer for 24 hours.

On the morning of 3 October, house raids were carried out by the police in the Cudi District of Şirnak's Cizre district.

During these raids, Birca Belek Language and Culture co-chair Fatma Gizerici was detained, but no reason was given for the arrest.

Minister of Internal Affairs Ali Yerlikaya announced that operations were launched with the participation of 13,440 police officers. It was announced that 12 people were detained in Mersin, Van, Urfa, Mardin and Aydın during these operations.

Further 55 people were detained in 16 provinces, including Urfa, Mardin, Amed, Mersin, Şirnak, Istanbul, Bursa, Batman, Denizli, Adana, Kayseri, Antalya, Konya, Isparta and Kocaeli.