Police detain several Social Service Workers' Union executives

Several members of SES, including co-chair Selma Atabey, were detained during a new political genocide operation.

Many members and former executives of the Health and Social Service Workers' Union (SES), including Selma Atabey, co-chair, were detained during home raids in the morning. It was learned that those detained were taken to the TEM Branch.

Former SES co-chair Gönül Erden was detained in Dersim, SES former Central Executive Board (MYK) member Fikret Çalağan in Istanbul, and Rona Temelli in Van.

The names of those detained in Ankara are as follows: Former MYK member Belkız Yurtsever, former co-chair Bedriye Yorgun, retired member Ramazan Taş, Erdal Turan.

Those detained in the political genocide operation in different cities are expected to be brought to Ankara.