PKK’s Karayilan: Afrin resistance will result in a great victory

PKK’s Murat Karayilan saluted the struggle of the people of Afrin against Turkish invaders and said that the resistance will result in a great victory.

In an interview with Ronahi TV, PKK Executive Committee member Murat Karayilan spoke about the resistance in Afrin, possible outcome of conflict and its effects in the region.

Calling the first phase of the resistance as successful, Karayilan said that in the second phase the resistance will result in a great victory.

“In the second phase, if the resistance continues with the same method and determination, this barbarism will be defeated. Our people will be victorious. The victory of our people will be the victory of freedom and democracy” he said.

Here are some excerpts from Karayilan’s interview.

“The resistance of Afrin entered its 53rd day. It’s successful. The resistance in Afrin has opened a new chapter in the history of war. In a small area the fighters are resisting against the second largest army of NATO, with small weapons and strong will.”

“The fighting entered a new phase. The first phase was successful. The new phase will continue with proper methods and the resistance will result in a great victory. We believe that the resistance has laid the basis for this.”

“If the people of Afrin choose to leave their city, they will never be able to return again. The future of Afrin is in the hands of its people. If they stick to their attitude today, the victory will be theirs. The attacks of Turkish fascism, Al Nusra and ISIS will be frustrated.”

“Our people should make sacrifices. We won’t leave our beautiful Afrin. We won’t abandon it. We will win by approaching this way.”

“The people of Rojava fought against ISIS, Al Nusra and other gang groups. The international coalition was providing assistance to them. They gave five thousand martyrs for this struggle. Turkish state is trying to take revenge of that. They took ISIS, Al Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham by their side and attacked Afrin.”

“With whose weapons does this barbaric state attack the YPG and the people of Afrin? They are carrying out this war with the weapons supplied by the US, Germany and other European Union members. This is clearly a hypocrisy and ingratitude. “

“The murder-minded Ittihat Terakki killed 1.5 million Armenians with the argument that Ottoman Empire was in danger. Today MHP and AKP created an alliance and they are using the argument of “Turkey is in danger” to attack Kurds and massacre them. This is the politics of a genocide. This is genocide, there is no other explanation for this. We warned that other states should avoid taking sides with this. But Russia now became officially involved in this.”

“But we believe in the conscience of humanity. We believe that the public opinion and some states stand and will stand against this. The people of Afrin are not alone.”

“Turks won’t withdraw from the areas that they have invaded. Did they withdraw from Cyprus? They won’t withdraw from Jarablus, Al Bab or Afrin. There are posters or Erdogan everywhere in Jarablus. Turkification policies are in force here. They call it ‘our soil’.”