PKK: Let's celebrate Newroz with the spirit of resistance

PKK Executive Committee invited Kurdish people and their allies to celebrate Newroz Holiday with the spirit of freedom and resistance, and fill Newroz squares everywhere to bring fascism to account.

PKK Executive Committee issued a written statement on Newroz Holiday. In its statement, the PKK said “We are in a new Newroz; our day of unity, resistance and freedom. As the movement and the people, we celebrate this Newroz with the determination of the motto “We will prevail.” We are closer to freedom more than ever as we enter the new Newroz year. We celebrate the Newroz Holiday of Resistance and Freedom of Leader Abdullah Öcalan and all of our comrades, patriotic people and dear friends. We wish for success and commemorate our Newroz martyrs Mazlum Doğan, Zekiye Alkan, Rahşan Demirel, Ronahi and Berivan comrades, and the other martyrs of our Freedom Struggle. We will prevail as we question, renew and strengthen ourselves in the light of our heroic Newroz martyrs.”

“Believed to date back to 2629 years, Newroz resistance led to the unification of Middle Eastern people under the leadership of the Medes as they ended the rule of cruel Dehak. The current period gives Kurds the chance to become a people and have a homeland. History does not always repeat itself, but we are going through a similar time period. Kurdish people are putting up a great freedom and democracy resistance against ISIS and the AKP-MHP fascism, the Dehaks of today, and is unifying Middle Eastern people day by day. The Sun of Freedom rising in Kurdistan is brightening the entire Middle East and humanity.


As we enter a new Newroz year, our people united with the leadership of our Freedom Movement created by Leader Abdullah Öcalan is struggling for freedom and existence across the four parts of Kurdistan and abroad. The fascist, colonialist and genocidal enemy is worse the cruel Dehak. The fascist-genocidal aggression is trying to eliminate our Freedom Movement and complete the Kurdish Genocide through the cruel massacres and terror it carries out with the help of all kinds of ideological-organization weaknesses and collaboration. The freedom resistance our heroic guerrilla forces, and people led by women and the youth, is achieving great success across the four parts of Kurdistan and abroad, and has brought us to victory closer than ever. The absolute will and determination to prevail emerges under such conditions and determines the future developments in Kurdistan.

As the movement and the people, we enter the Newroz year with such a spirit and determination of resistance. Our heroes are martyred and we make sacrifices every day. However, none of them are in vain and we achieve a new success everyday. It is clear that existing and living freely is not easy. Therefore, the smear campaign of collaborators and those with the spirit of a servant against our heroic freedom struggle of self-sacrifice is failing to produce any results. They may continue to make a nice at the door of their masters. We are filled with the spirit of and love for freedom, and do not accept anything but a free life. We will both enhance our sacred struggle for existence and freedom, and wipe out genocidal bigotry and its servants in Kurdistan during the new Newroz year.


We salute the resistance for existence and freedom rising in all four parts of Kurdistan and abroad with this determination, and wish for success during the new Newroz year. We salute the democratic self-administration resistance our people of North Kurdistan developed against the AKP-MHP fascism, commemorate heroic martyrs, and call upon the people of Amed, Wan and other parts of North Kurdistan to fill Newroz squares and bring fascism to account. We salute the great revolutionary war our people of West Kurdistan are waging against ISIS and AKP fascism, commemorate martyrs, and call upon everyone to celebrate Newroz and enhance the freedom revolution with the spirit of Newroz.

Shengal is undoubtedly the most meaningful parts of our resistance today. The historic Shengal resistance prevented ISIS fascism and is defeating the plots of AKP fascism and its collaborators. We salute the heroic resistance fighters of Shengal and our Êzidî Kurdish people, celebrate their Newroz, and call upon them to strengthen their union and organization during the new Newroz year. We celebrate the Newroz of our people of South Kurdistan and called upon them to strengthen our national unity against all hostile plans and support our Êzidî Kurdish people in Shengal. We celebrate the Newroz of our people of East Kurdistan and believe that they will be prepared for all scenarios as they strengthen their unity and organization. Our people abroad continue to play their role during the critical time period we are in, and we celebrate their Newroz and believe that they will continue to fill Newroz squares and increase our allies as they work with the spirit of Newroz.

We call upon all of our people and allies in the four parts of Kurdistan and abroad to celebrate Newroz Holiday with the spirit of freedom and resistance, fill Newroz squares everywhere, unite and organize more during the new Newroz year, and enhance the “Freedom for Öcalan, Status for Kurdistan” struggle.”