PKK and PAJK prisoners to go on indefinite hunger strike for Öcalan

PKK and PAJK prisoners in Turkish jails will go on an indefinite-irreversible hunger strike, to begin with 35 inmates in 7 prisons on September 15.

The indefinite-irreversible hunger strike of Shengal Diaspora Assembly in Strasbourg continues in its 17th day, and the one launched by 50 Kurdish politicians and activists in Amed has entered its fourth day. Both of the hunger strikes were started with demand of immediate access to Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan from whom no news has been received since April 5.

Kurdish political prisoners in Turkey and North Kurdistan prisons will also join the indefinite-irreversible hunger strike for Öcalan, concerns over whose situation and well being are increasingly growing since the coup attempt of July 15 when Turkish army also attacked the İmralı Prison where he is held, and where a clash took place that night.

Deniz Kaya released a statement on behalf of the PKK (Kurdistan Worker's Party) and PAJK (Kurdistan Women's Liberation Party) prisoners in Turkey and North Kurdistan prisons.

Describing the July 15's coup attempt as a consequence of the power struggle among the fascist and political Islamist mob in Turkey, Kaya said the AKP-Palace declared its sovereignty as a fascist dictatorship upon the failure of the coup plotters. Kaya stressed that the AKP-Palace dictatorship mainly based its policy on suppressing all opponent circles.

Kaya stated the followings as to the developments that prepared the ground for the July 15 coup:

"We know very well that the AKP-Palace coup was started in April, 2015 when the government aggravated the isolation imposed on our Leader after rejecting the Dolmabahçe Agreement and the 'Process of Resolution'. This process reached a new phase with June 7 election, when the government rejected the results and imposed an early general election. This was followed by the re-initiation of a conflict process with the bombardment of Medya Defense Zones on July 25, 2015. The Kurdish people and guerrillas responded to the annihilation concept called 'Collapse Plan' with resistance, and defeated it."

Kaya underlined that they do not know what happened on İmralı Island on July 15 night, adding; "Despite knowing that the coup plotters targeted the life of our Leader, we do not even know if he is alive or not. The government made no satisfactory statement on this subject, nor has it enabled a meeting with his family, lawyers or a political delegation. This situation increases our concerns over the security and health of our Leader who is a reason for life and death to us. As PKK and PAJK prisoners, we state clearly that we are committed to our Leader to death."

Kaya saluted the indefinite-irreversible hunger strike launched by DTK, HDK, DBP, KJA with the same concerns, announcing that they will also go on an indefinite-irreversible hunger strike in groups as of September 15.

Accordingly, PKK and PAJK prisoners in Diyarbakır D-Type Siirt E-Type, Gebze Women's Prison, Kandıra No-1 F-Type, Kırıklar F-Type, Silivri and Tarsus prisons will start the hunger strike as the 1st group on September 15. The strike will be participated by 5 inmates from each prison.

Kaya remarked that PKK and PAJK inmates in other prisons will also join the resistance in groups during the following process, stressing that no participation will be realized from juvenile's prisons by no means.

Kaya ended the statement by calling upon their families, patriot Kurds, intellectuals and democratic public opinion to embrace the resistance, enhance the uprisings with a spirit of mobilisation, and rise up all together.