PJAK presented recommendations for Rojhilat

Ten recommendations proposed by PJAK aimed at creating national unity and Democratic Council

Partiya Jiyadan Azad a Kurdistan / Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) has presented proposals for a national unity front in Rojhilat (East Kurdistan) to the different parties.

Among the recommendation are the end of differences among political forces, the establishment of national and democratic councils, and the creation of a common military force.

10 recommendations by PJAK are as follows:

1. Establishment of a common commission aimed at solving existing contradictions between the parties and political forces. Academics and intellectuals will have a leading role in the commission.

2. Establishment of a national and democratic council with the participation of representatives of political parties, independent personalities and civil society organizations in Rojhilat Kurdistan. The main task of the Council will be to monitor the work of Kurdish political parties and circles.

3. Establishment of a common military force within the framework of self-defense.

4. Establishing a military council under the supervision of the Democratic National Council.

5. Establishment of a joint Diplomatic Council to enable Kurdish representatives to reach out and communicate with the world.

6. Creation of a common media front for the dissemination of Kurdish politics in Iran and Kurdistan.

7. Organization of a center of solidarity under the auspices of the National Council aimed at investigating the Kurdistan strategy in Europe.

8. Promoting joint meetings and conferences for Rojhilat Kurdistan to organize the workers' activities in parallel with the society.

9. Rojhılat Kurdistan women's organizations should organise by taking a leading role in the political parties in the solution of social problems.

10. Establishing a commission to express the problems of political prisoners in Iran, to organize the actions and to fight for the freedom of political detainees.