Photo exhibition on Rojava in the European Parliament

A photo exhibition on Rojava is being held in the European Parliament. The exhibition is composed of Thomas Schimidinger’s photos on YPJ guerillas and the revolution in Rojava.

Photos of the Austrian political scientist and cultural anthropologist Thomas Schimidinger, who visited Rojava numerous times, are being exhibited in the European Parliament. Many people attended the opening of the exhibition in the European Parliament (EP) in the Belgian capital Brussels.

EP Social Democrats Group Parliamentarian Josef Weidenholzer is hosting the exhibition, which is composed of 32 photos. The exhibition will be open for a week, and has photos depicting the YPJ, the YPG, Kobanê, Efrîn, and the revolution in Rojava. Schmidinger’s photos have Êzîdî and Assyrian motives, and relays important social messages.


EP Parliamentarian Josef Weidenholzer made the opening speech of the exhibition and emphasized the ISIS attacks on Kobanê and Rojava. Weidenholzer recalled that the YPG and the YPJ repelled the ISIS attacks, liberated Kobanê, and won a victory for humanity after a 5 month-long resistance, and called upon the EU to support Kobanê and Rojava.


Thomas Schmidinger also spoke during the opening and informed the public about the history of the revolution in Rojava. Schmidinger noted that Êzîdîs, Assyrians, Arabs and Kurds coexist in Rojava through the democratic system established by the Kurd, and said that his photos depict the revolution and life in Rojava after 2011.

Kurdish artist Salah Ammo put up a musical performance during the event.


On the other hand, Thomas Schmidinger published some of his other photos of Rojava in his recent book ‘Rojava,’ which depicts the history and revolution of Rojava in English, German, Kurdish, Arabic, Armenian and Assyrian.