Peshmerga commander killed in armed attack in Kirkuk

Peshmerga commander Muzafer Heme Tahir was killed in an armed attack in Kirkuk city last night, while a peshmerga group was hit by a roadside mine blast in Duhok yesterday.

Reports say that an armed attack was carried out against peshmerga commander Muzafer Hemê Tahir near the Baghdad highway last night at 23.00. An investigation has been launched on the incident, but the identity of the attacker(s) is still unknown.

On the other hand, a peshmerga lost his life and another three were injured after a roadside mine exploded near the Til Hemedî village in Dakûk district of Kirkuk on Sunday.

For some time now, attacks on peshmergas have increased dramatically in the territory of Kirkuk, Dakuk, Tuz Xurmatu and Mount Hemrin, known as the Garmiyan line.