People in Bolivia break quarantine for lack of food

So far, Bolivia has reported 107 COVID-19 cases and 6 dead. 

The regime led by Jeanin Añez, put on power, after a coup in Bolivia, was protested against for failing to keep its promises in the city of Riberalta. 

The population took to the streets to protest against the lack of provisions and food.

"The government locks us up and hunger will kill us," read a poster held by a citizen from District Five, the city's largest neighborhood. 

In the absence of concrete responses from the Añez administration, Mayor Enzo Roca said that he would deliver some food rations to the Federation of Mototaxis today, Wednesday.

Banging empty pots as they walked the streets, the protesters managed to outnumber the police and military who attempted to stop them by feigning confrontations.

Roca's promises, however, did not satisfy the people who closed off the mayor's office to prevent him from leaving. The police had to intervene and take Roca to another side of the city.

So far, Bolivia has reported 107 COVID-19 cases and 6 dead.