Peace delegates detained at Frankfurt airport on return from South Kurdistan

Six members of the international peace delegation have been detained at Frankfurt airport on their return from South Kurdistan. A protest action is taking place in the airport.


Members of the international peace delegation to South Kurdistan were taken into custody at Frankfurt airport upon their return. The delegation had traveled to South Kurdistan earlier this month to draw attention to the Turkish invasion of the region and to hold talks with representatives of politics and civil society. The members of the delegation are 150 politicians, academics, human rights activists and activists from 14 European countries.

A protest action by activists is taking place in the Frankfurt airport, who wanted to receive the delegation on its return. According to a delegate from Switzerland, six people with German citizenship have been detained and their luggage confiscated. So far, all of those in the delegation who returned from South Kurdistan were able to enter Germany without any problems.

Despite severe obstruction of the delegation by German and Iraqi authorities, who prevented an important part of the delegation, including several MPs, from leaving Germany or entering Hewlêr (Erbil), the delegation was successful. A broad, international media coverage was achieved and the initiative "Defend Kurdistan" was proclaimed.