PÎK says Kurdish people and parties must act with national spirit against Turkish attacks

Strongly condemning the Turkish state's invasion attacks on Kurdistan, PÎK said that "all Kurdish parties and the Kurdish people must act with a national spirit against the Turkish state."

In a written statement, Partiya Îslamiya Kurdistan (PÎK) strongly condemned the invasion attacks carried out by the Turkish state against Kurdistan.

The statement said that the Turkish state launched a “comprehensive destruction operation against the guerrilla forces in Metina, Zap and Avaşîn aimed at invading South Kurdistan. Turkish military forces bombarded guerrilla headquarters with heavy weapons as well as civilian areas in South Kurdistan with their aircraft and tanks.”

Emphasizing that the entire nature of Kurdistan has been destroyed, the statement pointed out that the AKP/MHP started “this dirty war against the Kurdish people, taking advantage of the Russian-Ukrainian war because of the internal crisis it was experiencing in Turkey.”