Öcalan's messages to be discussed in panels in Europe

Panel discussions on Öcalan's latest message and his paradigm will be held in various countries.

KCDK-E Executive Council has organized panel discussions in various countries following Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan's message.

The written statement by the KCDK-E Executive Council says, "The conditions of the Leader, his isolation and most importantly his imprisonment continues. With the message from the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, we must feel the weight of responsibility to further our efforts based around the Leader. We must be more active than yesterday on this matter, and turn up our tempo."


The statement continued:

"We will hold several simultaneous panel discussions in various European cities with Mr. Öcalan's lawyers. In these meetings, we aim to discuss the Leader's situation in all aspects, understanding the current situation we're in through the Leader's paradigm, discussing and reflecting the solutions and possibilities for a joint struggle the democratic nation paradigm offers.

As KCDK-E and TJK-E, our call to all revolutionary-democratic forces, especially the Kurdish people, is to attend the panel discussions."


Dates, countries and attendees of the panel discussions are announced as follows:


Panelist: Att. Faik Özgür Erol

September 23 Vienna

September 24 Granz

September 25 Innsburg/Brengez

September 26 Gallenê

September 27 Lausanne

September 28 Geneva

September 29 Freiburg

September 30 Biel

October 1 Basel

October 2 Zurich

October 2 Bern


Panelist Att. Cengiz Yürekli

September 24 Antwerpiz

September 25 Liger

September 27 Amsterdam

September 28 Brussels

September 26 and 30 Arnheim

October 1 Arnheim

October 2 Den Haag


Panelist Att. Şinasi Tur

September 22 Munich

September 23 Ulm

September 24 Nürnberg

September 25 Freiburg

September 26 Reutlingen

September 27 Stuttgart

September 28 Heilbron

September 30 Saarburcken

October 1 Mainz

October 2 Manheim

October 2 Frankfurt

Panelist Att. Cengiz Çicek

September 22 Essen

September 23 Dortmund

September 24 Bilefeld

September 25 Bonn

September 26 Aachen and Duren

September 27 Düsseldorf

September 28 Cologne

Panelist - Att. Newroz Uysal

September 22 Berlin

September 23 Hamburg

September 24 Kassel

September 25 Bremen

September 26 Hamburg

September 27 Kiel

September 29 Hannover

October 1 Oldanburg


Panelist: Att. Mazlum Dinç

September 22 - October 2


Panelist: Att. Mazlum Dinç

October 7-14

United Kingdom

Panelist: Att. Ebru Günay

October 7-14