"Now is the time to stand up"

The struggle of the Kurds and the democratic forces within the HDP has kept the democratic forces alive. Now the threshold of fear has been crossed. The time when fascism felt strong is finally over.

There is a large social segment in Turkey that is dissatisfied with the ruling AKP/MHP regime. Despite all the repression, attacks, propaganda and manipulation of opinion, 70% of the population is dissatisfied with this government. The times when the AKP could deceive the people with democratic rhetoric and thus generate approval are over. The fact that the AKP now wants to survive with the support of authoritarian, fascist, anti-democratic and anti-Kurdish forces instead of seeking the support of those who want democracy and freedom is symptomatic of the situation in which the regime finds itself. The strongest feeling this government can feel at the moment is that of losing power. The stronger this feeling becomes, the more it pushes persecution and oppression to extremes. The behavior of the AKP/MHP alliance is similar to that exhibited by all dictatorial regimes before the collapse of their power.

The democratic meetings and conferences against the fascist AKP/MHP government are a sign that people are no longer willing to live with the regime. All Turkey needs now is democracy. Bread, freedom and justice can only be achieved if Turkey democratizes. The oppression and persecution by the AKP/MHP government has given people this awareness. The darkness of fascism in Turkey has also made the need for democracy and freedom shine. "The darkest moment of the night is the closest to the morning" is the saying. It is against this background that the phrase "This is the moment" was born. No saying or idiom should be underestimated, because thousands of years of social experience are manifested in them. The greatest wealth and heritage of mankind are such expressions.

The blackness of the night is the birth cradle of light, as long as one does not get lost in the darkness and disappear. The Kurdish people and democratic forces have not lost themselves in this dark environment; they have continued their existence in resistance. Now it is time to gather the fruits of freedom and democracy as fruits of light. The Kurdish people and democratic forces have paid a high price, and they deserve such an award for their resistance. But this requires a final act of resistance to break the darkness. Fascism is going through its weakest moment. Aware of this fact, the Kurdish people and the democratic forces should advance and shatter fascism with the light of democracy and freedom. There are political, social and psychological conditions for this.

Democratic meetings and conferences are very important. The attitude that is displayed there and the decisions that are made there are important. But even more important is that it is about organizing and practice. Democracy and freedom must be demanded right now. When this regime is at its weakest, that is precisely when democratic forces must mobilize and become active. Because under the conditions of fascism, democracy and freedom can only be achieved through struggle. Do the conditions exist for this? Without a doubt. This fact alone will inspire the democratic forces. This reality gives great strength to the social struggle.

However, political and social conditions have overtaken the forces of democracy and freedom. At this stage, the democratic forces must move beyond the phase of analysis and contemplation and move to action. Now is the time to act. There is butter, sugar, flour and water, they must be mixed to unfold. This is done through action. There is a society that is ready for democratic mobilization, that wants to advance the struggle. No one can be hopeless in this environment. No one can say the struggle is hopeless.

The HDP kept its feet on the ground despite all the repression because there is a militant and resistant society on which it can rely. There is the family of Deniz Poyraz. It is not one family. There are tens of thousands of families like this. There are hundreds of thousands, even millions of Kurds who have this kind of attitude. The HDP could not be brought down for this reason. This social reality should encourage everyone. There is a willingness to fight for democracy not only among the Kurds, but throughout society in Turkey.

The struggle of the Kurds and the democratic forces within the HDP has supported not only their own struggle, but also the struggle of the democratic forces in Turkey. Now the threshold of fear has been crossed. The times when fascism felt strong are finally over. It is the time of the downfall of fascism. Now it is a matter of taking action and taking measures to overthrow this tottering fascism and to lead the struggle for democracy and freedom.