NGOs condemn the deadly attack against HDP

31 associations and federations, led by KAYY-DER, have condemned the attack against the Peoples’ Democratic Parts (HDP) calling for expanding the struggle.

31 associations and federations, under the guidance of the Kiğı-Karakoçan-Adaklı-Yayladere-Yedisu Districts Social Assistance, Development and Culture Association (KAYY-DER), have issued a joint written statement regarding the murder of party worker Deniz Poyraz in an armed attack in the HDP İzmir Headquarter.

The statement said that, “In our country where violence against human life continues unabated under the patronage of the government since the numerous attacks that occurred before were not clarified, the perpetrators were not found and the criminals were not tried, we state that this and similar attacks targeting the HDP, a legitimate political party, are political. We call for an end to hate speech targeting dissidents, demanding that this attack be investigated and clarified in all details, and that the perpetrators and instigators be prosecuted in accordance with universal legal norms.”

The statement pointed out that the attack in the HDP headquarter that is constantly kept under surveillance by security forces raises suspicions.

“We would like to state that this time pro-government circles will not be able to disseminate the same lies that depict the attack as an act of an individual lunatic or psychopath as was the case with the previous attacks. The reaction of the security forces that do not do their duty properly to the political parties and NGOs that condemn the attack arouse suspicion. We once again inform the public that we will not give up struggle against the climate of violence in all areas of life. We urge everyone who is in favour of an equal, fair and free life to show solidarity and to expand the struggle.”

The statement was signed by 31 associations and federations including KAYY-DER (Kiğı-Karakoçan-Adaklı-Yayladere-Yedisu Districts Social Assistance, Development and Culture Association), BİNDER-FED (Bingöl Social Assistance Associations Federation), BİN-FED (Bingöl Associations Federation).