Newroz in Ankara calls for an immediate end to the isolation of Öcalan

Kurdish people and their friends continue celebrating Newroz, Kurdish New Year, on March 21.


Newroz was celebrated in Ankara with the slogan "Rabe dema azadî û serkeftinê ye" (Stand up, it is time for freedom and success). Thousands of people participated in the celebration, where slogans such as "Bijî Serok Apo" (Long Live Leader Öcalan) were frequently chanted and banners with the slogan "The End will be Magnificent" were displayed. 

After a minute of silence, the letter sent to the people of Ankara by Gültan Kışanak, who is the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Co-Mayor candidate of the Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party), was read. Then, the DEM Party's co-mayoral candidates in the city were called to the stage.

DEM Party Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Co-Mayor candidate Öztürk Türkdoğan said, "DEM Party is not only the party of Kurds, but also of leftists and socialists. It is the party of all marginalised groups. We will bring peace to this country. Dear friends, the DEM Party needs to get stronger in order to bring peace to the country. There are speculations about our party. I say it clearly from here; we do not want votes for anyone other than the DEM Party. We are not in alliance with anyone in Ankara. We only want votes for the DEM Party."

DEM Party Van MP Pervin Buldan drew attention to the messages given by the Kurdish people who filled the squares at Newroz and said: "Let them take a good look at these squares. The centre of politics, where decisions are taken in Ankara, should take a good look at these squares. We call out to the political will that takes decisions in Ankara; take a good look at these squares. The truth expressed in these squares is the Kurdish question. What is expressed in these squares is the peace of Turkey. By filling these squares, we are saying 'there is a Kurdish question in this country'. The fact that Gültan Kışanak, one of the candidates for this city, is in prison today is only one reality of the Kurdish question. Emine Şenyaşar's Justice Vigil in front of the Ministry of Justice is exactly the Kurdish question."

Reacting to the isolation of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, Pervin Buldan said, “I salute the thousands of political prisoners who have put their bodies on hunger to end the isolation of Mr Öcalan. Isolation is a crime against humanity. We say once again from Ankara; the isolation should be lifted as soon as possible, Mr Öcalan should meet with his family and lawyers. Prisoners are starving their bodies, families are holding vigils for justice, freedom marches are organised so that isolation is lifted. But Ankara is playing the three monkeys. We will go to the polls in the elections and give them a great answer."

The celebration ended with the performance of singer Şilan Dora, accompanied by dance.