New wave of political arrests in various cities

Soldiers and police raided houses in many cities and took many people into custody in a new wave of political arrests.


House raids were carried out early on Monday morning in Şirnak city center and Cizre (Cizîr), Idil (Hezex), Silopi (Silopiya) and Kumçatı (Dergûl).

Among those taken into custody are Ayşegül Ceylan, Yakup Durak, Reşit Umut Çağlı, Agit Şerifoğlu, Ayşe Soysal, Rojhat Karaviş and one person, whose name has not been learned. Those detained were taken to Şırnak Police Department. It was stated that the number of detentions may increase.


Following Sunday's Newroz celebrations, 7 people, including two children, were taken into custody.

19 people, including Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Çiğli co-chair Leyla Tufan, were taken into custody in house raids carried out on Monday morning.

The two children taken into custody were kept at the Children's Branch Directorate, while the other children were taken to the Izmir Police Department. According to the information provided by lawyers, the number of detentions may increase.


5 people were detained during house raids in the city. Yusuf Islam Demir, Halil Ölmez, Zeynep Aslan, Ayşe Akıncı and Mahsum Inci, who were taken into custody on the allegation of "making propaganda for a terrorist organization", were taken to Batman Provincial Police Department.