New iniatitive against Turkish occupation by youth in Europe

The Revolutionary Youth Movement (TCŞ) and Free Young Women (JCA) announced the launch of a new initiative called "Nehêle" in Europe against the Turkish occupation attacks against Northern and Eastern Syria.

In their statement, the youth organizations announced that they have launched the "Nehêle" (Don't allow it!) initiative and called on all Kurdish youths and internationalists in Europe to join it.

The statement said: "Tevgera Ciwanên Şoreşger and Jinên Ciwan ên Azad call on all the youth of Europe to rise up and take action everywhere you are against the new conspiracy.

Resistance must be launched by young people until the invasion attacks are defeated. Every street, every neighborhood, every city should be transformed into resistance positions and spread from Europe to the whole world.

Resistance is the only way for the Kurdistan Freedom Revolution. Today is the day to say stop to the isolation of Leader Apo, the conspiracy against our struggle and the fascism implemented in Kurdistan."