Nazmi Gür: Natural disasters should bring people together

Former BDP Van MP Nazmi Gür lost his nephew and nephew's mother in the earthquake which struck Van on 23 October 2011.

Former BDP Van MP Nazmi Gür lost his nephew and nephew's mother in the earthquake which struck Van on 23 October 2011. "The poison of racism has been nurtured for a long time in the society in Turkey. - he said - A serious polarization has been created in society. We, the people of Van, are the people who understand the people of Elazığ best."

We need to draw lessons from earthquakes

Gür said that the Elazığ earthquake has caused the people of Van new wounds. "When I heard about this earthquake, I felt like I was living the Van earthquake again. Because at that time I was in Van and we lost many of our relatives and people. Every life we lose is a source of deep sadness for us. I lost my nephew and his mother in the Van earthquake. It is very sad for me to see a similar situation happening in Elazığ. It is necessary to draw new lessons from each earthquake and review the rescue efforts and medical methods."

Gür said that natural disasters should bring people living in the country together. He added that people should be met with the same feeling wherever they are in the world.

"In such cases, - said Gür - there is no place for chauvinism, racism, anger and hostility. Wherever we are, we experience the same feeling. Aid came from all over the world after the Van earthquake, but some parcels had messages that deeply upset us. We did not care much about them. There were also aid from Edirne and Antalya. Local governments, which were still not appointed trustees, acted with sensitivity and responsibility. They mobilized all their strength and waited for a call to participate in the rescue efforts there, but unfortunately there was no call from AFAD and the central government."

Gür added: "We organized campaigns for those affected in the Van earthquake and war zones. We acted with experience and precision. Our friends have been rejected at the Elazığ entrance. We reject this discrimination. Our help to our people cannot be prevented. We are not a party acting to gain votes or propaganda on these occasions. We never acted like this. It is important for us to contribute to the wound healing. We are ready to support all people. Those who stop us, those who refuse help, should stand before these people in need in shame."