NAV-BEL calls for an end to the tension after Turkish fascist group attacked Kurds in Belgium

NAV-BEL called for an end to the tension that started with the attack of a fascist Turkish group against a Kurdish family.


Belgian Democratic Kurdistan Communities Council NAV-BEL published a written statement regarding the racist attack suffered by a Kurdish family returning from a Newroz event held in Leuven, Belgium, on 24 March.

In a statement, NAV-BEL said: "A Kurdish family who had to migrate from the occupied city of Afrin and other Syrian Kurds were surrounded and attacked by a Turkish racist and fascist mob." The family and neighbors who were attacked called the police and asked for help. The family also asked for help from their relatives. After hearing about the incident, the Kurds who came to the aid of the family were confronted by the fascist Gray Wolves. This fascist group attacked Kurds in the streets for hours. As a result, many Kurdish people were injured and taken to hospitals."

The statement continued: "On the day of the incident, we took care of the injured and the family that was attacked. We tried to calm down the events in constant contact with the municipal authorities and the police force. We made a peaceful press statement in Brussels the next day to protest the racist attack, reduce tension and give a peaceful message to our society. As NavBel, we immediately took the initiative to avoid further provocations and to reduce tensions. We took care of the injured and their families. And since our initiative, we have been in constant contact with municipal authorities and police services. To reduce tensions, we organized a political and peaceful protest in Brussels the next day to convey our peaceful message to our community. Since the day of that brutal attack, there have unfortunately been many provocative and unfortunate incidents. As NavBel, we do not approve this at all. As a community organization, we have consistently called for acting within the legal framework. We call on our community to act only within the legal, humane and peaceful framework. We reject anything that falls outside of that. Belgian laws must be respected. We reject the violent events that have occurred in recent days and call for calm."