Naked protest by FEMEN against Erdogan

A member of Ukranian feminist organization FEMEN staged a naked protest against Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan minutes before the soccer match between Ukrainian and Turkish national teams.

The World Cup qualifying match between Ukraine and Turkey was a scene for an unusual protest. A member of FEMEN rushed naked to the field with a body painting that read “Erdogan Killer”.

The protest occurred when the teams were already ready for the match, the referee and his two assistants were waiting for the team captain's pimping.

Then something unusual happened: from the left edge of the TV picture suddenly a young woman ran on the lawn - naked. She went to her knees and stretched her arms triumphantly up. A white writing on her breasts read: "Erdogan Killer".

After just a few seconds, the protest was over.

The activist who protested against the Turkish president is called Anzhelina.

Femen released a statement after the protest on their website. The statement read: "Femen has protested against the dictatorial regime of Erdogan. The Erdogan regime kills freedom and kills in general"