Muslim: Our goal is for TEV-DEM to organize the 3rd territory

Salih Muslim said circumstances have changed and that the TEV-DEM aims to return to the task of organizing civilian society: “Our fundamental argument is that an organized society can do anything.”

The Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM), founded on January 16, 2011 to contribute to the development of moral and political structure of society, is holding its 3rd congress today.

TEV-DEM has already managed to develop various democratic institutions, and has formed village, city, neighborhood and street communes and assemblies.

TEV-DEM Foreign Relations Committee Member Salih Muslim spoke to the ANF about the congress.


Muslim said the Democratic Society Movement has organized social, political and other such areas to date, but they aim to change that with this congress:

“Because circumstances are changing. TEV-DEM’s first congress was held under different circumstances, as well as the second one. Now there are new circumstances. The area is wider, and many organizations from among the Arab and other peoples have joined. That is why, we can call this the restructuring congress. The goal of this congress is to readjust, form a new program and to return to the fundamental task.

As you know, various areas and an administration have been formed to date. The TEV-DEM had a role in these administrations. Now an understanding has developed as if the TEV-DEM represents the hegemony. But that is not so. TEV-DEM will never be the hegemon, it will always organize the people and be an observer in that. In this sense, a restructuring during this time will be a return to the fundamental task, and that is why the 3rd congress is important.

During this time, TEV-DEM’s mission actually remained the same, to organize society on a democratic basis. But when tasks expanded, and there were no other organizations to carry out the tasks, everything fell on TEV-DEM’s shoulders. But now the situation is changing. New developments and organizations are emerging. As you know, the Syrian Democratic Council and many other political structures have developed.”


Muslim stated that the Kurds led the foundation of the TEV-DEM, but in time Arabs and other peoples of Syria have joined the movement in line with its mission: “TEV-DEM, like the name suggests, is a movement for a democratic society. Arabs and Syriacs are part of this society. They can join TEV-DEM both individually and with their organizations. They have their self-organizations, and that is how they join usually. The Democratic Society Movement includes all peoples in Syria today.”


“Our fundamental argument is that an organized society can do anything,” said Muslim and added: “Society must have a unique organization to be more active and represent its own will. The third area is a task the TEV-DEM has undertaken. And the movement aims to transition into that in this congress. There has been success to date, and will be from now too.”