MSD's El Hebib: We are ready for dialogue

The Syrian Democratic Council member said they are ready for talks to find a solution to Syrian crisis.

Hikmet El Hebib, member of the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) Presidency Council, spoke at the condolence tent set up for Asayish member, son of his uncle Mihemed Selmo Hebib.

Referring to recent statements by the MSD that said the Council is ready to talk to the Syrian regime, El Hebib said: “This does not mean that we will give up our decentralized, federal, democratic Syrian project”. Indeed, he added, the MSD thinks only dialogue can help finding a solution for the crisis in Syria and its integrity.

El Hebib remarked that the Syrian regime still does not want a peaceful settlement of the crisis, and blamed some media for spreading false news which only aim at dividing people. 

"The peoples of the region should support each other, because our solidarity is our strength”. 

El Hebib added that “solidarity among peoples is the force we have been given by our daughters and sons who gave their life against the world’s most dangerous enemy”. 

The Democratic Nation project has been shaped and approved by the Northern Syrian people, said El Hebib ending his remarks and added that this project will defeat the many who have tried to destroy Syria.