MLKP: If we do not oppose the occupation, fascism will oppress everyone!

Drawing attention to the Turkish state's invading actions, the MLKP stated: "If the workers, women, and youth do not raise their voice, fascism will oppress everyone."

The Kurdistan Organization of the Marxist Leninist Communist Party (MLKP) issued a written statement condemning the Turkish state's invading attacks.

The statement said: "On April 17, the colonial Turkish state launched a new invading attack on the Medya Defense Areas. Since July 2015, Turkish colonialists have launched an all-out liquidation attack in Bakur, Rojava, and Bashur in order to liquidate the Kurdish freedom struggle and its guerrillas by using all of their political, military, economic, and diplomatic tools in order to liquidate the Kurdish freedom struggle and its guerrillas. They were unable to defeat the Rojava Revolution. They were unable to bring his strategy to a successful end. On April 24, 2021, he launched a large-scale military assault, backed by NATO and the KDP, to capture the Medya Defense Zones and liquidate the gains in Shengal and Maxmur. The colonial powers' goals, which they swore would be neutralized, were left in their crops. The guerrillas wrote resistance epics.”


The statement continued: “With this attack to occupy the Zap and Metina areas, the Iraqi state forces attacked the Self-Government forces in Shengal, the Turkish state and its servant gangs increased their attacks in Rojava, the wall was built in Shengal with the cooperation of the Iraqi state and the KDP, and Syria's embargo by besieging Aleppo and Shehba demonstrates that a general attack and liquidation plan against Kurdish gains has been implemented.

This elimination plan's partners are the imperialist United States and the coalition forces. They intend to annihilate the Kurds' revolutionary-democratic achievements by disarming the Kurdish Freedom Forces. Because only in this manner will they be able to identify trustworthy partners in Kurdistan who share their goals.

The invasion attack began immediately after Mesrour Barzani met with Erdogan, the Nazi leader. The KDP is rapidly moving away from partnership and toward treachery. To secure their personal fortune, KDP administrators offer Kurdish national benefits to colonialists. There should be no silence from the KDP or Bashur on this. If the Turkish state destroys the Kurdish Freedom Guerrilla, none of Bashur's victories will be secure. The colonial Turkish state will seize every opportunity to demolish the Federated Kurdistan Administration and capture Mosul and Kirkuk. The imperialist USA has made it clear that it will not bow to the whims of the colonialist Turkish state, which is ultimately a NATO power, and will side with the Turkish state against the KDP and the Kurds.”


The statement added: “The invasion on Zap and Metina is intended not only to completely eliminate the Kurdish Freedom Forces, but also to repress Turkey's resurgent democratic mass movement and to demolish the revolutionary potential before it is revealed. If workers and workers, women, youth, and environmentalists in Turkey who are suffering from hunger, poverty, and unemployment do not speak out against this invasion attack, the voices they raise for themselves will be drowned out, and their resistance will be destroyed by fascist attacks. The struggle of workers and labourers, women, youth, and environmentalists in Turkey, as well as guerilla resistance, are intricately interwoven. The failure of the Turkish state against the guerilla will benefit all progressives, revolutionary and democratic forces, and the Turkish poor. Supporting the guerrilla means putting an end to fascism.

As Kurdistan communists, we will strengthen our resistance to protect Kurdish gains and revolutionary-democratic stances against invaders wherever we are, and we will defend Kurdistan."