Merkel government to strengthen ties with the Erdoğan regime

German Minister of Economy and Energy Peter Altmaier received the Erdoğan government’s Minister of Energy Berat Albayrak and stated that the relationship between the two countries will get deeper. Albayrak called the German minister, “an old friend”.

The federal German government led by Angela Merkel has suddenly forgotten all the crises and the tension with the Erdoğan government just last year, and are on the path to strengthening their relationship through the economy. Turkish Minister of Energy Berat Albayrak was received by the Merkel government in Berlin to that end.

Albayrak met with the most important member of Merkel’s team, the Minister of Economy and Energy Peter Altmaier. This was the first top rank visit between the Merkel government founded in March and the Erdoğan government, and new agreements were reached in the economic area during Albayrak’s visit.

Both ministers appeared in a press conference after the meeting in the Ministry of Energy. Turkish and German ministers were seen as friendly to each other. Altmaier spoke first in the meeting and said they are in agreement with Albayrak to strengthen and deepen their relationships. The German minister said they have had an extensive and detailed meeting with Albayrak and stated that they will be in a stronger cooperation in both energy and economy areas.

Altmaier, who played an important role in the dirty negotiations during the process of the release of German citizens held hostage by the Erdoğan regime, stated that they have made a decision to launch preparations to hold the Turkish-German Energy Forum that couldn’t be held for a long time now at the minister level.

Albayrak started his speech by praising Altmaier. While the German Minister said he met Albayrak during the high tensions between them and the Turkish government, Albayrak claimed that they have a friendship that goes back further with Altmaier. Albayrak called the German Minister “my esteemed friend” and stated that the partnership between the two countries is essential.

Albayrak continued: “We had a very important and useful meeting. As Turkey, we want the relationship with Germany to be much more realistic, rational and mutually beneficial than in 2017, especially since the new government was formed. The role Turkey plays in the war against terror and the refugee crisis is important for both Germany and Europe.”