Memorial for Halim Dener at shooting site

A memorial was held for Halim Dener, the Kurdish teenager murdered by German police on June 30, 1994, at the site of his shooting in Hannover.

Halim Dener was shot on June 30 25 years ago while he was putting up ERNK posters. The German state had banned the PKK about a year ago in 1994, and Halim Dener was the first victim of the ban.

The memorial was held in the Steintor Square, in front of the Reitwallstraße 5A building where Dener was shot.

Candles and flowers were placed and Halim Dener’s photograph was projected onto the building.

Attendants of the memorial held signs that condemn police violence and wrote on the sidewalks with chalk. A brochure prepared by the Halim Dener Campaign was read out loud at intervals.

Martyr Ronahi Women’s Assembly Co-spokesperson Alya Ekinci gave a speech and said, “The German state violently killed Halim Dener 25 years ago.”

Ekinci said they won’t stop pursuing the killing until Dener’s murderers answer to the Kurdish people and the Dener family, protesting the European states’ criminalization policies.

Politician Abdullah Efe said the German police launched raids against Kurds again recently: “The German state is violating its own laws and taking away our rights.”

Efe protested the changing of the name for the Halim Dener Square in Hannover’s Linden-Limmer district.

A large scale march will be held on July 6 at 14:00 starting from the Georgsplatz Square.