Mazloum Abdi's meeting with Swedish Defense Minister disturbs Turkey

Following a recent meeting between Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) General Commander Mazloum Abdi and Swedish Minister of Defense, Turkey summoned the Swedish Ambassador to Ankara to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and conveyed its "discomfort".

Swedish Ambassador to Ankara was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs over the Swedish minister’s online meeting with Mazloum Abdi.

Diplomatic sources said that Swedish Ambassador to Ankara Staffan Herrström was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday to "strongly condemn" the recent meetings between Sweden's high-level officials and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) leader Mazlum Kobani.

Turkey "strongly condemned" Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist's video conference meeting with Mazloum Abdi following another meeting with Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde.

Abdi and Hultqvist debated over security, humanitarian issues and recent political developments in the region during the meeting.

Turkey further conveyed its "discomfort" concerning Sweden’s increased public contacts with the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Syrian Democratic Council.

"Sweden's dangerous policy not only supports those who target Turkey's security and Syria's territorial integrity but also violates international law, which seriously harms bilateral relations," Turkish foreign ministry said.