Meeting ​​​​​​​between AANES, MSD officials and Swedish Minister

The situation in Syria, the political process, Turkish threats, and inter-Kurdish dialogue were discussed during the online meeting between AANES, MSD officials and Swedish Foreign Minister.

Representatives of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) and the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) held a virtual meeting on Tuesday with Swedish Foreign Minister Anne Linde, during which they discussed the situation in Syria, the political process, Turkish threats, and the inter-Kurdish dialogue.

According to a statement of the Department of the External Relations on its account on social media, a meeting was held via Zoom Service between the Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Ann Linde, and a joint delegation from the MSD and AANES consisting of MSD Executive Board co-chair Ilham Ehmed, Bedran Çiya Kurd, the deputy co-chair of AANES, the co-chair of the Department of External Relations, Dr. Abdul Karim Ali, and the AANES representative in Scandinavia, Shiyar Ali.

The External Relations Department statement said: "Views were exchanged regarding the general situation in Syria and the Autonomous Administration regions, in addition to the political process, Turkish threats and the inter-Kurdish dialogue, the situation of ISIS mercenaries and their families in the camps, and the need for the international community to assume its responsibilities towards this case."

According to the statement, "The Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs affirmed Sweden's condemnation of the Turkish aggression against the NES regions, said they will work to stop the Turkish attacks and threats on the region. The Swedish minister indicated that the participation of the Syrian Democratic Council and the Autonomous Administration in the United Nations meetings and discussions regarding the political process in Syria, and in the constitutional committee is necessary."

According to the Relations Department's statement, the Swedish Foreign Minister praised the positive endeavors of the Syrian Democratic Council regarding the inter-Syrian dialogue and emphasized their support for inter-Kurdish talks and the need for its success. It was agreed that meetings of this kind should continue in the future.