Mass rally in Maastricht gives message of total resistance

Masses reiterated the demand for freedom for Kurdish People's Abdullah Öcalan and official recognition of Rojava.

The big rally under the motto "Status for Rojava, freedom for Öcalan" in Maastricht has come to an end. Thousands of people took part in the colorful program, which featured speeches and musical contributions.

One of the guest speakers at the rally was Matt Nathan, Director of Freedom for Öcalan Campaign, which is led by British unions and has received great support within a short time. In his speech, Nathan pointed out that the British Federation of Trade Unions had so far led campaigns for many revolutionary leaders including Nelson Mandela.

“It is the Kurdish people and their leader Mr. Öcalan who have been subject to grave injustice for years. Therefore, we consider it our responsibility to demand freedom for Abdullah Öcalan and to stand by the Kurdish people’s struggle,” said Nathan.

Nathan called on Turkey to immediately release Öcalan and other Kurdish political prisoners, to stop violence against the Kurdish people and unions, and to stop its attacks and threats against Rojava.

Nathan also called for solidarity with Rojava, saying; “Kurds have destroyed ISIS terror, an evil for the whole world. This should not be forgotten. They fought not for themselves alone, but also for us. Today, our greatest responsibility should be to protect Rojava.”

Amed Şexo, the representative of the autonomous administration of northern and eastern Syria: "The Rojava revolution builds on the years of work of Abdullah Öcalan. For this reason, standing by Rojava Revolution means standing by Leader Apo.”

Referring to Turkey’s and President Erdoğan’s threats against North and East Syria, Şexo said; “Rojava Revolution is the revolution of four parts of Kurdistan. Blood of youth from four parts of Kurdistan was shed on the lands of Rojava. For this reason, all Kurds will rise up in the event of an attack. Those who once claimed that “Kobane is about to fall” were given the best response by our people in Bakur (North Kurdistan) and we know well that they will rise up again if needed. Erdoğan resorts to any method possible to eliminate our achievements in Rojava but we and our people are stronger than ever.”

Demir Çelik spoke on behalf of the Kurdish umbrella organization KCDK-E on the collapse of the AKP/MHP regime in Turkey. Afterwards, the activists of the youth march held last week in North Rhine-Westphalia appeared on the stage and received applause.

Gülistan Kılıç Koçyiğit, a member of the HDP delegation from Turkey, condemned in her speech the dismissal of the elected mayors in five municipalities led by their party as unlawful and far from all rule of law principles. She said the Erdoğan government tries in vain to stop their own decay with these measures.

Lastly, Kurdish musicians Ferhat Tunç and Serhado took the stage.